Vegan Essentials Gift Box

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Vegans rejoice! This box is packed with tons of vegan-friendly flavor and loads of possibilities. Nutritional Yeast, aka "nooch," delivers cheesy, buttery flavor. Sprinkle this "vegan cheese" on popcorn, potatoes and pasta. The flavor train continues with a blend from our Umami Collection. Rich mushroom powders deliver tons of flavors for all your vegan soups and stews. Speaking of soup, our Vegan Broth Powder is a delicious, full flavored blend that will produce gallons of stock. It's sippable on its own or use it to create big pots of Vegan goodness.

Box includes:
Jar of Nutritional Yeast
Jar of one of our Umami Collection collection blends
Jar of Vegan Broth Powder

Our gift boxes are crafted from post-consumer recycled materials. They're durable, beautiful and shippable! Rather than placing a box in a box, we place a shipping label right on this lovely box to cut down on shipping materials and waste.

Orders of 3 or more boxes require 2 days additional processing time.




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