Sea Salt Sampler

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Feeling salty? This gift box is just the thing for all your moods. Get ready to finish dishes, jazz up popcorn and elevate your baked goods. Our sea salts include an intriguing array of flavors. Use them to add the finishing touch to a steak, perfectly salt foccacia or simply season your morning plate of scrambled eggs.

Your gift box will include 4 jars of hand-packed, curated salt blends from our Sea Salt Collection. You'll enjoy four distinct flavor profiles ranging from Smoked to Savory to Spicy to Citrusy to Umami.  

Our gift boxes are crafted from post-consumer recycled materials. They're durable, beautiful and shippable! Rather than placing a box in a box, we place a shipping label right on this lovely box to cut down on shipping materials and waste.

Orders of 3 or more boxes require 2 days additional processing time.









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