Olio Nuovo 2022 Harvest

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On the first day of harvest, a small selection of olives are immediately pressed and bottled. Olio Nuovo, "new oil," is typically reserved for estate family and workers. This prized oil is fruity, fresh and filled with the coveted bite and pepperiness - the hallmark of small batch, high quality extra virgin oils.

This 2022 Olio Nuovo is from our longtime supplier's Sonoma County estate. Every year's olive crop and oil are different, and this one is special. It has a delicate mouthfeel along with vegetal notes of greens and green tea. That peppery finish and a deep green hue? That's the good stuff.

You might be thinking: It's so special. Maybe I should save it for a special occasion? Good question. The answer? That special occasion is right now. Drizzle in a dish. Sprinkle in salt. Dip with bread. Try a glug on fresh tomatoes
 or ripe figs with goat cheese. Sublime. Use this oil now, and use plenty of it.

Because olive oil doesn’t get any better than this!

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