October Dinner Bundle-Osso Buco PRE ORDER

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Our June Dinner Bundle will be available for pickup Friday, October 23 in very limited quantities.

These bundles are only for customers who can pick up at our 660 Jefferson Hwy Location. Customers will receive an email confirmation when the Bundle is ready for pickup.

June's Curated Osso Buco Dinner Bundle
4 lb Iverstine Farms Butcher beef shank
Full-Sized, refillable Herbes de Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Pour Spout
Full-Sized, refillable Savory Steak & Chop glass jar
2 lbs Bonnecaze Farm's Papa Tom's Polenta
Fresh Tomatoes
1 tube tomato paste
Freshly chopped Mirepoix (onion, celery, carrot)
Fresh herb bundle
1 quart Iverstine beef stock
Housemade Gremolata for garnish
Forte Grove Bakery Bread
Instant Pot & Traditional Recipes
Thawing Guide for safely defrosting frozen protein
Plus, every bundle comes with a little lagniappe! This month we're including our Sel de Provence.

This bundle is way more than a boxed meal kit. You'll make 4 generous servings, and the products are full sized, so you will have Olive Oil, Spice Blend and rice to tuck into your pantry for future meals. Plus, your Olive Oil and Spice Blend are refillable at our Jefferson Hwy location at a 20% discount.

Store owner Anne curates these monthly dinner bundles with local love in mind. She works directly with farmers and food artisans to showcase the bounty of Louisiana and regional producers.

One thing we heard over and over was the need for the meal kits to be complete with every single ingredient in the kit. You asked. We listened. These bundles are completely complete! Onion, stock, canned tomatoes. Everything is there!

Dinner bundles started during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order as a way to bring a convenient, one-stop solution to our community. We wanted to help reduce the number of stops and get our customers home to their families to get a delicious dinner started. 


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