Instant Yeast 1 lb package

There is a limit of 1 on purchases of pound packages of yeast.

Fleischmann's instant dry yeast will help make bread that is light, fluffy and fully-raised every time. 
This simple and consistent instant dry yeast can be enjoyed in so many ways. Here are some of our favorite uses for it:

  • For making airy, chewy pizza dough.
  • Crafting large soft pretzels, perfect with mustard for a savory snack or a dusting of cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat.
  • It can be used in conjunction with gluten-free flours to make breads that are safe for those who avoid gluten.
  • For baking fluffy Bundt cakes, decadent pull-apart breads and streusel-topped coffee cake.

1 lb

Collections: Baking Spices, Gourmet Pantry Staples

Type: Gourmet Pantry

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