Extra Big & Loud Timer

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Trust us, we know a thing or two about digital timers. We taking time (and temp) seriously at SoGo Tea Bar. We love that Thermapen takes it seriously, too!

Our baristas were constantly pitching inexpensive digital timers that lost their beep ability, readability or any ability. Solution? Meet the Extra Big & Loud Timer. Easy to read. Nice and loud and oh, so durable.

You won't believe how much you'll love this timer until you try it yourself. No more fumbling with your phone. Set the time on the huge, splash proof buttons. This timer is big and loud enough to call you back from anywhere in the house.

Extra Big: Stands out in your busy kitchen
Everything about this alarm is big. Big display, big buttons and a big personality. Plus, it has magnetic backing for easy visibility.

Extra Loud: Hear it in your commercial kitchen or busy household
At up to 110dB, Extra Big and Loud is guaranteed to be seen and heard, even in the loudest kitchens.

Stays Dry: Built with splash-proof housing
Splashes and spills happen, and we’ve prepared our Extra Big and Loud for the inevitable accident.

Adjustable Volume: Different volume levels for different environments
Choose between four different levels of sound to easily tailor our alarm to your workspace.

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