Creamy Garden Herb Dip Mix

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Let's take a dip! Meet your new, go-to veggie tray dip! We love this one for egg salad. A must for sandwiches. Fresh and vibrant!

For a spoonable dip, combine contents of package with 8 oz sour cream or yogurt. For a spread, combine contents of package with a block of cream cheese, 8 oz goat cheese or a cream cheese/goat cheese combination. For either preparation, combine and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes for the flavors to meld and the herbs to soften. Serve with chips, crackers, vegetables or as a sandwich spread.

Ingredients: Shallot, Chives, Minced Onion, Minced Garlic, Green Peppercorns, Spices

2oz, 56 g

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