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What does a guided salt tasting, a tea tasting or a talk on anti-inflammatory spices have to do with your company’s morale or meeting your next deadline? Nothing. And everything! Gathering as a group is a fun respite for your team. Shared, experiential learning is proven to boost morale, raise workplace happiness and lead to successful business outcomes. Oh, and did we mention fun? That’s where Anne comes in.

Anne Milneck is chef and owner of Red Stick Spice Company. She calls herself the Tireless Champion of Home Cooks, and for good reason: she has taught hundreds of hands-on cooking classes inside her gourmet store’s teaching classroom. She’s seen it all, heard every excuse and holds firm to her staunch belief in cooking at home—it is the key to health and happiness. In this world of homemade perfectionism and health snobbery, Anne’s mantra is simple: if you’re cooking at home from whole ingredients, you’re doing it right.


Anne brings a unique, casual style to all of her talks. She’s a little bit walking encyclopedia of food and cooking and a little bit Lucy in the chocolate factory (she prefers the terms zealous and passionate.) During her talks, Anne shares tidbits of her personal journey (like barely passing Baking & Pastry at John Folse Culinary Institute) to her vivid childhood cooking and mealtime memories while growing up in LaPlace, Louisiana.

Bring Anne into your conference room to engage with your group. Watch your staff light up as she loads up their brains with new knowledge and their bellies with deliciousness. Listen as your team talks about the action they plan to take as a result of their newfound information. Anne’s interactive, powerpoint-driven talks are wide-ranging and customizable to your group, and every talk includes tastings, a take-home product and a packet of recipes.

Lecture Topics Include:

Pinky’s Up (or not)—a not-so-proper Afternoon Tea

Anti-Inflammatory Spices—Supplements or Food? (hint: it’s food, y’all)

Not-so-sad Desk Lunch

Put Down the Red Bull—a different approach to caffeinating

Cooking as Meditation (with your eyes open, of course)

So Salty—understanding the world’s oldest seasoning


Have a smaller group that's interested in a more intimate discussion?  Book a private workshop in your kitchen or ours for 8-16 of your team members. Anne will lecture and demo, and your group will have interactive, hands-on time cooking and tasting. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and mingling after.

Workshops Include:

Grab & Go Breakfasts

Healthy Happy Hour—Craft Cocktails & Bar Bites

No Reservations?—Brunch at Home

No More Lunchbox Blues

Desk Drawer Sneaky Snacks

Contact Anne to set up your corporate event. 


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