Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea

A smoked tea with a robust, roasted aroma and flavor, a cup of Lapsang Souchong is best enjoyed with spicy, savory and salty foods. Traditionally carried by camel across Asia from China to Europe, this tea would arrive with a signature smoky aroma from the fires that the caravans burned for warmth. Still popular today, the organic leaves are smoked over pine needles and yield a distinctive aroma that goes especially well with savory dishes.

Black Tea. Contains Caffeine. Steep 1-3 minutes.

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Category: afternoon tea, biscuits, black tea, bonfire, caffeine, campfire, china, light caffeine, meal time, milk and sugar, organic, pure, rich, s'mores, scones, smoky, Tea, tea time, wood log

Type: Tea

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