Feel Better Tea

Feeling not-so-great? Ready to feel better? This tea is for you. Feel Better Tea can help replenish fluid and nutrients which will ease the body back into recovery. This blend includes: Echinacea, Calendula (anti-inflammatory assistant), Lemon balm and Lavender (calming aids), Licorice Root and Ginger (tummy soother) Basil, Thyme and Lemon Grass. Brew a cup and set your sights on the road to recovery.

Ingredients: Echinacea, Licorice Root, Calendula, Basil, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Ginger

Herbal Tea. Naturally Caffeine Free. Steep 1 Tbl for 5-7 minutes.

Collections: Loose Tea

Category: caffeine-free, cold, congestion, echinacea, Feel Better Tea, flu, ginger, herbal tea, tea, wellness

Type: Tea

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