Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit

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Ready to make your very own vanilla extract? Prized for its rich, complex flavor and intoxicating aroma, vanilla extract is a staple in the kitchen. Take your cookies, cakes and frostings to a whole new level with this easy Homemade Vanilla Kit. Oh, and do you need a gift for the baker in your life? This is it! 

A quick primer on Pure Extracts: the difference between Pure and Imitation Vanilla is simple - it's all about the alcohol content. Pure extracts are made from whole vanilla beans extracted using 35% alcohol. With this kit, you're making Pure Vanilla Extract!

We packed four plump Whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans into this handy bale top bottle. To make extract, remove the beans from the bottle, and use a paring knife to split the vanilla beans lengthwise into two long pieces. Return the split beans to the bottle. Now it's time for the alcohol! Pour vodka, rum or bourbon into bottle. Seal and steep at room temp. We've included a space for you to mark the date, so you can keep track of your extraction progress. Once weekly, gently tilt the bottle back and forth to agitate. After 3 months, you’ll have vanilla extract. After 6 months, even better extract!


8 oz bottle


Suggested Recipes:

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