Papa Jeabert’s Spice de Terre

Local. Organic. Brand New.

Spice de Terre comes to us from Papa Jeabert’s in Lafayette, Louisiana. It's made from the Peter Pepper, a chile grown exclusively in Louisiana. Spice de Terre is a unique, salt-free combination of garlic, onion, herbs, papaya powder and Peter Peppers. It's delicious on all types of meats, in soups and stews and even vegetables.

We also carry Papa Jeabert's Peter Pepper Powder!

Check out Spice de Terre Creator's unique, patented invention: Chicken Up! Great for roasting chicken with Peter Pepper Powder!

Suggested Recipe:

Spice de Terre Chicken Wings

Collections: Blends & Rubs, Cajun Creole Blends

Category: barbecue, bbq, Cajun Flavors, chile, Chilean, creole, Louisiana, pepper, peter pepper, Poultry, rub, seafood, spicy, tea

Type: Blends

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