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Designed for serious chefs and professionals, the ThermoPop features big digits and a backlight for dark conditions. Molded-in seals and buttons make it splash-proof. Durable construction outlasts similarly priced pocket thermometers.

Fast: Readings in just 3 to 4 seconds
Every second counts in the kitchen. Get readings in a matter of seconds without skipping a beat.

Splash-proof: IP66 Rating
Splashes and spills happen. Confidently use ThermoPop knowing it keeps working through the mess, just like you do.

Ergonomic Design: Easy to Read & Use
With a large rotating display and backlight, you can use ThermoPop in your right or left hand, no matter your environment.

Guaranteed Accuracy: Accurate to within ±2°F (1°C)
Take the guesswork out of your cooking. Experience the confidence of knowing that the number on the display is the correct temperature.

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