Tea Recipes


We added finely ground chai tea with its bursts of cinnamon, clove, cardamom and mace to this super simple shortbread. 


Berry Blast Herbal Tea is a sweet-tart, magical elixir that keeps us coming back for more. Store Staffer Cameron was intrigued by this re-steepable tea and recommends it as a post-workout, sports drink alternative. If you're not working out and would prefer to eat a doughnut, he's got you covered there, too.


Use this ganache cold for rolling a few truffles for teachers' gifts. Warm it for drizzling over waffles, shortbread or dunking strawberries. Staffer Cameron featured it in these Chocolate Covered Strawberry Doughnuts. 

Our Southern Iced Tea is a blend of carefully-chosen black teas from India and China. The leaves are the perfect combination to make a big pitcher of smooth southern iced tea. An easy answer to the question: Sweet? or Unsweet?


We love our Blackberry Mojito Green Tea for all its wellness benefits and satisfying flavor. We drink this summertime sipper all year long!


This lovely cocktail is a snap with make-ahead simple syrup made from our super-delicious Berry Blast Herbal Tea. Rim the flutes with our Blueberry Sugar for a sweet, crunchy treat. Then, top it with sparkling wine, Champagne or Prosecco!


Make a big batch of this refreshing and unique cocktail and wait for the compliments to roll in. We love the pleasant heat from the spices in our Rooibos Vanilla Chai Tea. It's the perfect backdrop in this fun libation!


We set out to make a natural sports drink and chose vitamin-rich Rooibos tea and mineral-rich Himalayan Salt for a non-caffeinated, delicious drink filled with anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits.


We're posting this on National Iced Tea Day, but in south Louisiana, iced tea day is every day! We've taken our incredibly refreshing Peach Tea and combined it with a Vanilla Simple Syrup, a little vodka and fresh peach slices. 

Caramel Tea Toddy 

There was no shortage of love for our Bread Pudding Tea. And the love will multiply now that we've created this warm, delicious cocktail. This is the perfect warm, boozy treat for cozying up around the fireplace.

The list of health benefits of Matcha is long. This is because with Matcha, the entire leaf is consumed. With traditionally-brewed green tea, the water contains some of the extractives of the tea leaf. This earthy, grassy tea is perfect for adding to smoothies. The addition of citrus or pineapple would be delicious here, too.

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