Mango Berry La Croix Spritzer

Posted on May 29, 2020 by Anne Milneck

This crisp, fruity spritzer is exactly what you need as we get deeper into the hot Louisiana weather. The combination of fresh berries and our Up Beet Daily Blend adds more flavor and nutrition to your summertime refreshments. Customize it by trying different sparkling water flavors.Ingredients:
1 can La Croix of choice (We used Mango.)
3 heaping Tbl Berry Blast tea
2 cups water
Up Beet Daily Blend
Sweetener of choice

Steep 3 heaping tablespoons of Berry Blast tea in 2 cups hot water. Let steep for 30 minutes for strong berry flavor. While water is hot, blend in sweetener and Up Beet Daily Blend using blender. Fill your cup with ice and berries and pour over tea mixture about 3/4 of the way. Top it off with an ice cold La Croix the rest of the way.

Mix up your flavors. Try adding a coconut La Croix or other favorites!