Dalgona Whipped Matcha

We went live on Instagram recently to show you our take on the Dalgona coffee trend happening. We whipped up aquafaba. Yes! aquafaba...as in the liquid from a can of chickpeas. With the addition of a little powdered sugar, it created a lucious and delicious whipped matcha. This is a perfect fix for non-coffee drinkers. Use with any of our Matcha Blends. The aquafaba whipped Matcha sits atop and your milk of choice. We made our version entirely vegan by using vegan powdered sugar and almond milk. And it made a ton! We served up 6 mesmerizing drinks.


Aquafaba (the liquid from 1 can of chickpeas*)
2 Tbl Up & At Em Citrus Lavender Matcha 
1/4 cup powdered sugar
Milk of choice

In mixing bowl, add in the aquafaba. Sift in matcha and powdered sugar. Whisk by hand or use stand mixer on high for 5 minutes. Mix until peaks stand up on the whisk. 

Fill 6 glasses halfway with ice and your milk of choice. We used unsweetened almond milk. Top with the whipped matcha. Stir gently so that the green mixes beautifully with the milk. Such fun. Enjoy!

*A note about canned chickpeas. We found that the sodium level varied quite a bit from brand to brand. Our favorite was the Signature Kitchen Organic variety which had 6% sodium. Some cans were more than 20% sodium. 

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