Caramel Tea Toddy

There was no shortage of love for our Bread Pudding Tea. And the love will multiply now that we've created this warm, delicious cocktail. Janway's Honey sweetens the tea while clove and orange perfume it perfectly. This is the perfect warm, boozy treat for cozying up around the fireplace.

Makes 1 8-oz mug


1 tsp Bread Pudding Tea

8 oz water

1 oz Maple Bourbon

1 Tbl Janway's Honey

Orange slice



Place the Bread Pudding Tea in an infuser. Heat water to just before the boil and pour over the leaves. Steep 3 minutes and remove the infuser. Add Bourbon and honey. Stir gently. Float a slice of orange studded with cloves on the tea. Enjoy.

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