Our Special-Tea in Baton Rouge

Did you know we blend our own teas here at Red Stick Spice? SoGo Tea is our very own brand and every single brew recipe is made in-house. The name references South of Government, our MidCity location. Many in Baton Rouge have discovered a new passion for tea, and we’re inviting you to do the same.

SoGo Tea

We give these teas the same attention to flavor, quality, and freshness as our spices. Each tea is blended to taste great—and make you feel good too. Looking to wean yourself off your coffee addiction? A black tea could help you out—and we have dozens of flavors! Looking for the health benefits of green tea? Or maybe you’re looking to try something more exotic like Chai or Rooibos? There’s also an herbal infusion for almost every ailment or affair.

Navigate the Bevvy of Brews

Don’t let the rainbow of brews intimidate you. We label every blend with the caffeine level, tasting notes, and brewing instructions. And in the shop, our staff is ready to help guide you to leaves you’ll love. Want to try a sip before taking it home? All our teas are available by the cup, brewed fresh for you right in the store.

Sip Some Tea This Fall

We like to think any of our house-blended teas are perfect to sip any time of year. You can enjoy many of them hot or iced! But a nice, hot cup of tea is especially nice during the fall season. When the seasons are changing—or at least trying to here in Louisiana—fall is the perfect time to give teas a chance. This time of year...

Stay Well: Prepare yourself for cold and flu season. Bee pollen in Bumble Tea can offer allergy defense. Andi Lynn's Elderberry Syrup can also help strengthen your immune system.
Feel Better: If the seasonal ailments get you, take comfort in a warm brew. Echinacea can help fight infections. Hydrate and soothe with Sore Throat Tea or Feel Better Tea.
Get Sweet: Got a sweet tooth? Find a healthy alternative to all that leftover Halloween candy. Brew up a cup of our Happy Tea, Bread Pudding Tea, or Coming Up Roses White Tea.   
Sip Festive: It might still be warm outside, but you can experience fall in your cup! Join the trend with Pumpkin Spice Tea or sip Vanilla Rooibos Chai Tea for notes of ginger and cinnamon.
      Finding Your Perfect Cup Is Our Special-Tea

      Still looking for some ideas or how to choose among the brews? Our staff is steeped in knowledge and can find the right sip for your tastes and wishes.We’ve got all thetools to brew a perfect cup too—perfect for gifting or sharing with holiday guests. You can even give someone (or yourself) atea subscription box that will deliver two new teas each month. It’s the perfect way to expand your tea palate throughout the year!

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