I do! Tie the knot with wedding day teas

Wedding bells will ring with these two celebratory teas that are the perfect match. Serve them on the big day. Package them up for favors. Offer them at brunch, luncheons and rehearsal dinners. 

Wedding Cake Tea is a black tea with lovely sweet vanilla and almond flavor. We love this one with just a little sweetener. It's fantastic hot with a bit of cream. A big pitcher of iced Wedding Day Tea would be the perfect refresher for a bride's luncheon or a quick sip in the wedding day dressing room. This tea has moderate caffeine. 

Groom's Cake Tea is one of our most interesting teas in the shop. Almond Oolong is layered with chocolate reminiscent of the traditional bite of chocolate groom's cake. There's just a hint of smokiness in this tea. The almond-chocolate-tobacco notes all play perfectly together. There's a moderate amount of caffeine in this tea.

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