All About our Flask Iced Tea Jug

One of our favorite tea tools is the FORLIFE Flask Iced Tea Jug. What's unique about this pitcher is the fine mesh filter at the top. This means leaves stay in the liquid for an extra-long steep time while providing a guarantee that the leaves will stay put, caught by the filter and not end up in your glass. 

I love this tea jug for some very particular teas - Mate and Herbal Teas are my favorite. Both Mate and Herbal Infusions are perfectly suited for an extra-long steep time, even a  few days!  

Citrus Yerba mate blend is perfect for the Flask Jug. Yerba Maté is super caffeinated plant traditionally found in South America. We blend it with citrus and herbals. It's very energizing and even more delicious! All Mate and Mate Blends are going to give you new energy - a great replacement for afternoon coffee. 

Italian Blood Orange is one of my favorites for a big icy pitcher of Herbal Tea. Rooibos is in great company with bright citrus. Pour it over a big glass of ice, and you have a great glass of refreshment to finish off your day. 

The Flask Tea Jug is also perfect for infusing fruit and cucumbers for spa water. A simple solution for super refreshment. Ready for a Flask Tee Jug? Grab one here!


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