Why Rooibos is all the Rage. Dr. Oz loves it, and we do too!

Dr. Oz and numerous health magazines herald rooibos (pronounced roy-bus) tea as THE health tea of choice these days.  But what's so great about it anyway?  

For starters, rooibos tea packs more antioxidants than almost any other tea and like other teas, it also contains trace minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium that your body needs.  Add its versatility as a cold or hot beverage, its ability to mix well with milk and sugar, and the fact that it's caffeine free to the equation, and you've got a super tea.  All of these qualities mean rooibos isn't just a fad; it's here to stay.

Red Stick Spice Company carries 10 rooibos tea blends, all caffeine free and calorie free and all containing great health benefits.  We recommend:

For the sweet tooth:  Vanilla Berry Truffle and Chocolate Mint Truffle.  All the flavor of sweet chocolates without the calories

For those who like it spicy: Rooibos Chai

For the Purist:  Rooibos Tea

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