Round-Up: Tarkas

Indian Tarkas (or Tadkas or Chhonk or Phodni and many other names) is an aromatic mixture of spices, heated in fat and used as a topping or flavoring for many dishes. Spices and aromatics are sizzled in ghee, butter or oil and the mixture is drizzled onto lentils, dal or chickpeas-just to name a few dishes.

Tarkas are a simple process that results in completely complex, mesmerizing flavor. One simple shift of an ingredient will result in a completely different Tarka. Use to top a bowl of beans or drizzle into a pot of rice-talk about elevating a humble food! 

Round-Up: Tarkas 4 ways
1. Gujarti - A delicious simple meal using Asafoetida, a staple in Indian food and great Low FODMAP spice to replace onion and garlic.
2. Bengali - Buttery goodness with a Panch Phoran blend. We've been known to drizzle on popcorn!
3. Bihari - We used serrano peppers instead of a red chile pepper and wow! Just add garlic and infuse ghee or All Natural Avocado Oil.
4. Punjabi - Our favorite... with all the right amount of heat in the right places. Just try it.

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