Rosemary Roasted Pecans

Rosemary is one of Anne's favorite flavors. And these peans layer rosemary with, well, rosemary! The keys here are low roasting and adding fresh rosemary to the hot nuts at the end. So very delicious!

2 cups pecan halves
1/4 cup Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tsp dried rosemary, crushed
1 tsp Rosemary Sea Salt
2 Tbl roughly chopped fresh rosemary leaves

Dried rosemary leaves can be a little sharp and pointy, so be sure to crush the leaves in a mortar & pestle, or place the leaves in a ziptop and use a meat mallet or rolling pin to get the job done.

Preheat oven to 300°F. In a bowl, combine the pecan halves, Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crushed dried rosemary leaves and Rosemary Sea Salt. Pour onto a foil-lined sheet pan. Be sure to scrape all the oil, rosemary and salt from the bowl.

Roast for 10 minutes and remove from oven to stir the nuts and redistribute on the pan. Roast for an additional 10 minutes or until the nuts have darkened in color and smell very fragrant. Take care not to over-brown the nuts. Immediately pour into a metal bowl, and while still hot, stir in the chopped fresh rosemary. The heat from the nuts will work on the fresh rosemary to release the aroma and oils. Cool completely and store in a jar or ziptop bag for up to 2 weeks. 

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