Greek Cast Iron Lamb Chops

This recipe works well with both chops and t-bone lamb steaks. The multi-faceted flavor combo in our Lamb Blend shines in this dish. Store owner and chef Anne created this blend with the fatty nature of lamb in mind. The cinnamon and nutmeg work to balance the richness of the protein. Rosemary and garlic play alongside to bring traditional flavor to this fantastic blend. Oh, and PS: Anne uses this blend regularly on salmon. Yes, Salmon!

6 single cut lamb chops or t-bone steaks
Lamb Blend
Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
Rosemary Sea Salt
Fresh Rosemary for finishing the dish

Season the lamb on both sides with Lamb Blend. Allow to sit at room temperature for 15-30 mins to take the chill off. Heat a cast iron over high heat. Drizzle Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the pan and sear the lamb on one side until deeply golden brown and beginning to char on the edges--about 5 minutes. (Note: Quite a bit of fat will render from the lamb and could ignite if you tip the pan over a gas burner.) 

Turn the lamb and reduce the heat to low. (Another note: Depending on the fattiness of the lamb, you may want to pour off excessive fat. We had more than a quarter cup to pour off.) Add in the garlic cloves and allow them to co-mingle with the fat over low heat. Cook the lamb for another 4-8 minutes until desired internal temp. We like our lamb medium, so we cooked them on the second side for an additional 5 minutes. Move to a plate to rest. Because cast iron retains heat, the lamb will continue to cook, so it's important to move it from the cast iron. 

Use a fork to mash the garlic cloves and add in some leaves of fresh rosemary stripped from their stems. Spoon this paste over the lamb and sprinkle with Rosemary Sea Salt. Serve with polenta, potatoes or pasta.

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