Feed-a-Crowd Cuban Sandwiches

We love the satisfying simplicity of these sandwiches. Pile up these warm ham and melty cheese pressed sandwiches and watch them disappear. We love the tart and crunchy dill pickle spears from Old Soul. We love bringing a local touch to these Cuban classics. 


3 lbs pork shoulder

Cuban Spice Rub

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 yellow mustard

8 soft sub or hoagie rolls

2 lbs deli ham

Old Soul Spicy Dilly Dill Pickles

1 lbs sliced provolone or swiss cheese


First, cook the pork shoulder. We did this the day before in a slow cooker. Simply rub the pork shoulder with the Cuban Rub and place in the slow cooker with chicken stock to reach about 1/4 way up the sides of the roast. Cook on low for 6 hours or until the meat pulls away easily with a fork.

Next, make the sauce. Combine the mayonnaise and mustard. Refrigerate until ready to use.

To assemble and press the sandwiches. Heat a panini press to medium high heat. You can also use two cast iron skillets. Heat both skillets over medium high heat. You will be cooking the sandwich in one skillet while pressing the sandwich with the second hot skillet. Place a piece of foil on top of the sandwich before pressing with the second skillet.

Place several slices of ham and about 1/3 cup pork on the bottom bun. Top with Old Soul Spicy Dilly Dill Pickles and the cheese. Spread the mayonnaise and mustard mixture on the top bun. Place the bun to top the sandwich. Lower the press or use the two skillet method described above. Griddle the sandwiches until golden brown and warm throughout. 

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