Customize Buns & Rolls: 5 Ways

Get ready to take the ho-hum to oh,HEY! We've been adding an extra oomph to everyday rolls and buns with a simple trick: egg wash + Spice Blends. From Everything Buns on our Chicago-ish Dog to Melange Pour le Pain split rolls on these delicious smoked sausage sammies. It's one small step that takes the meal miles and miles. And we are here for it!

Ingredients for Egg Wash:
1 egg
1 Tbl of water

Brush the egg wash on the exterior of the bread. Sprinkle on the spice blends. Bake for 5 minutes in a 300°F oven or until the egg wash has dried onto the bread and the spices adhere.

Here are 5 ways to dress it that loaf, roll, boulette or bun. Try something else? Let us know what you make in the comments below.

Everything Buns
- Everything Bagel Blend is simply delicious on most things, but we loved it while whipping up gourmet hot dogs. Try adding it to a roll before building a turkey sandwich. Zero percent chance of sad desk lunch with this one.

French Kiss-Melange Pour le Pain means "mixture for the bread" and we like mixing it up with this blend. Try this one on a baguette, warm and ready for dipping in our Herbes de Provence Oil. Ooo la la.

Mediterranean Tour
- Dress rolls with Zahtar and a few sesame, poppy or pumpkin seeds. Load them up with Chicken Shawarma and Tzatziki. Delish.

Salt and Pepper Here - Fresh ground 7 Blend Peppercorns and Cyprus Flake Salt is a simple fix with great flavor and texture. Try this with hamburger buns for your next burger night. Nothing basic about it.

Dilly Dilly - Grab a pack of our Dill-licious Blend and dress up buns for grilled fish sandwiches. Dress with tartar sauce and dig in. Forget fast food drive thru. This one is Filet-o-Delish.

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