BBQ Side Dish Re-Mix

Do you find yourself turning to the same BBQ side dishes? Does your potato salad need an upgrade? Try these four blends for a Side Dish Re- Mix.

Potato Salad

Our Dill-licious blend will give your potato salad a fresh twist. Dill, onion, parsley, citrus and a little caraway will take your potato salad in a different direction. Dill-licious boasts a bright green color and is beautiful sprinkled on top--a great addition to deviled eggs, too! 

Baked Beans

A customer gave us this tip for baked beans. She starts with plain pinto beans--cook them fresh or use canned--sautes a little onion and garlic, adds the beans, ketchup and a combo of our Sweet Pecan Rub. She gets rave reviews every time.

Corn on the Cob

Sprinkle with a little Orange Pepper for mouthwatering corn on the cob. Even better...make a compound butter by combining a half stick of butter with a tablespoon of Orange Pepper for a buttery-citrus spread your guests can spread on corn right off the grill.

Chicken Legs

Drumsticks are an affordable choice when feeding a crowd. Try Cherry Rub for sweet-smoky chicken legs. Cherry Rub is low on spice, so it's great for kids. Or try our Picnic Chicken Legs Recipe.

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