Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction

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Grape tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, fresh basil come together with a drizzle of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Premium Balsamic reduction to make this simple combination a real standout. If you can't find the mini mozzarella balls, cubed fresh mozzarella works just as well.


2 cups grape tomatoes, halved

8 oz package mini mozzerella balls or 8 oz cubed fresh mozzarella

1 cup Premium Balsamic Vinegar

6 large fresh basil leaves

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fleur de Sel

Tellicherry Peppercorns


Place the Premium Balsamic Vinegar in a heavy-bottomed pot and heat over very low until thickened to half its original volume. Be careful to keep the Balsamic below a simmer to avoid scorching. Cool the thickened syrup to room temperature. Place the halved grape tomatoes and mozzarella in a large serving bowl. Drizzle the tomatoes and mozzarella with Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil--about a tablespoon or so. Season with Fleur de Sel and cracked Tellicherry pepper to taste. Stack the Basil leaves and roll them like a cigar. Slice them crossways into strips. Toss into the salad. Drizzle the salad with the balsamic reduction and serve.

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