Building Blocks for the Perfect Cheese Board

Cheese boards are a great way to show off your creative side. And they're not just for dinner parties. Keep these ingredients on hand for a quick dinner on busy weeknights or a weekend snack to enjoy with a glass of wine. A cheese presentation is simple to put together, but the end product is decadent. There are no rules to putting out a cheese board, but here are some guidelines to pulling together the right combination of flavors and textures.


Three cheeses are a good start. Be sure to vary the textures. Try:

1. Soft Ripened Cheese like Brie or St. Andre

2. Hard Cheese like Aged Gouda or Parmesan (the nutty, salty Robusto is a good choice)

3. Blue Cheese like pungent Maytag or Gorgonzola

Other choices could include goat cheese or a unique soft cheese like Humboldt Fog. Again, no rules. Just be sure to vary the textures and flavors.


Spreads add visual appeal to the board and bring complimentary flavors to the mix. Pesto, jam and honey are popular accompaniments. Our Louisiana Strawberry Pepper Jelly is perfect alongside soft ripened cheeses and goat cheese. The sweet, syrupy quality of our Pomegranate Balsamic is simply amazing drizzled atop cheese. 

Cured Meats

Prosciutto, salami, coppa...just a few of the savory meats that will help compliment your board. Give your presentation a Louisiana twist with head cheese, smoked sausage or even venison jerky.

Nuts, Dried Fruit & Munchables

Fill in the blanks of your cheese board with roasted pecans, walnuts, currants, raisins and the like. Fresh fruit is a always a great great choice.

Serve it all with crackers, lavash or baguette slices. The possibilities are endless. And delicious.

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