5 Must-Have Gifts for a Foodie Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you’re probably wondering what gift to give your dad or husband or brother or nice neighbor for Father’s Day. Well, if they like food, cooking and grilling, we’ve got some gifts in mind. Here’s our list of five must-have gifts for a foodie father’s day.

Himalayan Salt Slab

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is known to be the cleanest and highest quality Himalayan salt available. In addition to its pure taste, Himalayan Pink Salt boasts the highest mineral content of any salt and provides many health benefits. Now, combine its purity, taste and quality with it’s ability to retain temperature, and you’ve got a cooking tool made in foodie heaven.

Himalayan salt can be heated or chilled, grilled or frozen which makes for endless preparation and serving presentation options, all while seasoning dad’s meals with the purest of sea salts.

To see our salt slab in action, watch our short video here

Louisiana Roux Spoon

What’s the secret to a perfectly browned, rich, dark roux? Keep it stirring. With this custom-made Roux Spoon, Dad will stir in style (and function).

This spoon was crafted to reach the edges of the pan where bits of roux can stick and burn and is a generous 13-inches long to keep his hand safely away from the hot oil and flour mixture.

With both right and left-handed versions -- anyway he stirs it -- the Louisiana Roux Spoon is a must-have tool in the kitchen.

Modern Masala Spice Box

A Masala Dabba is a traditional Indian spice box set made up of one large outer tin with two lids and seven inner spice pots.

Most Indian homes have at least one Masala Dabba which they use to store commonly used spices. A typical tin in an Indian kitchen might include Turmeric, Cumin Seed, Cardamom, Coriander Seed, Garam Masala, Chile Powder and Black Mustard Seeds.

Fill the Masala Dabba Spice Tin with your father’s favorite go-to spices or let us fill a tin for him.  How about a Tailgating Tin with seven essential grilling blends and rubs? Or maybe a Savory Tin with our French herb blends, granulated roasted garlic and paprika? The possibilities are endless.

Olive Oil Pour Spout with Lid

Some of the biggest joys come from the simplest solutions. Meet our pour spout for olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The spout reduces dripping, keeping the bottle slip-free and dust-free all while providing the perfect pour. 

The Kitchn says it one of the inexpensive kitchen helpers they can't live without. And we totally agree.

Curve Infuser Mug

Hands down, one of our favorite tea accessories, the Curve Tall Tea Mug includes an extra-fine 0.3mm hole stainless-steel infuser that's designed to make steeping loose tea simple and tidy. With this infuser, Dad can to steep any type of tea from fine Rooibos to large White teas, plus the mug's lid which serves as a holder for the infuser will help keep everything mess-free. The mug is a generous 12 ounces, packs some heft, holds heat well and feels good in the hand. Need we say more?

What foodie gifts are you giving or getting for Father's Day? Let us know in the comments!

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