Five Ways: Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend

Tried and true. Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend has been a grilling staple on the shelves since the start of the store. But don't let this old standby fool you. It's a complex, multi-layered, flavor-packed blend. We keep coming back to it time and again. And for good reason: it's a perfect balance of smoky sweetness with savory flavors and a little spice. We love this blend for so many reasons. Here are our Five Ways...

Pulled Chicken--Rub Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend on boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Pop them in the oven, a crockpot or on the grill. Pull the chicken, serve on toasted buttered buns, and you're on your way to happy suppertime. Check out this recipe for Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Alabama Sauce

Smoked Butter Baste--Combine 1 Tbl Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend with 1 stick softened (almost melted) butter. Brush this combination on burgers, chicken or corn on the cob. You're welcome.

Ribs--Sub out Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend in our Sweet Pecan Ribs recipe for a smokier, more savory version. We love this super easy rib recipe!

Taco Soup-Add a teaspoon of Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend to your favorite Taco Soup recipe for a smoky, Southwest twist!

Mesquite-Lime Pork Chops-Mesquite and Lime: two flavors that love each other. Rub thick-cut pork chops with our Key Lime Avocado Oil and Big Daddy's Smokehouse Blend. Allow the flavors to meld for 30 minutes or more. Sear on the stovetop or on the grill over high heat until golden brown. If on the grill, move to a cooler section. If on the stovetop, reduce the heat or move the pan to a 350 degree oven. Allow the chops to cook through until they reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees--approximately 10 minutes; they may be slightly pink in the center. (The USDA lowered the safe internal cooking temperature for pork chops from 160 to 145 degrees.)

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