White Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Oil And Chocolate Truffles! Oh My!

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What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Consider going a little beyond the heart-shaped box of chocolates from the drugstore. It might seem unconventional, but consider truffles of the sweet—and the more savory kind. White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Oil make this celebrated ingredient more accessible.

A Tale of Two Truffles

When we talk truffles at Red Stick Spice, we’re either talking about the much-prized mushrooms or the delicious chocolate treats. The former, a type of dense mushroom, is cherished by gourmands for their rarity and unique flavor. The latter, the sweet kind, is a rich, velvety, chocolatey treat. Are you looking for a way to impress a loved one for Valentine’s Day—or any day? You can’t go wrong with either truffle selection.  

Black Truffle Oil

When you're looking for a resounding "oomph" of truffle flavor, it's time to turn to our Black Truffle Oil. We infuse olive oil with black truffles to create your new cupboard staple. It’s more versatile and simpler to use than you might expect. Drizzle on popcorn or french fries to seriously upgrade your Netflix date night. Or, you can dress up a bed of greens with a little roast chicken and parmesan for a simple—but unforgettable—salad. Double down on the truffle umami flavor with some Black Truffle Sea Salt.

White Truffle Oil

White truffles are slightly more rare than black truffles. Many say their flavor is stronger and more complex. Instead of trying to train your pet pig to sniff out your truffle fix, pick up a bottle of our White Truffle Oil. White Italian truffles combine with the highest quality of cold-pressed California olive oil. Elevate your steaks and favorite mac and cheese recipes. Risotto will be consumed stove side with a spoon. This oil delivers a big truffle flavor that's still delicate and sophisticated.

Time For Dessert: Chocolate Truffles

You can adapt this Strawberry Ganache recipe to make some chocolate truffles. This super-simple recipe uses our Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Tea for a perfect sweetheart treat. After chilling the ganache, just roll into small, bite-size treats! Prefer something lighter? Sip a brew of Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea. This infusion of Rooibos, cacao nibs and mint harkens an after-dinner, mint-chocolate treat.

Sweet or Savory

No matter if you’re looking for a sweet or savory truffle fix, look to Red Stick Spice. Shop our products, browse our recipes, and get inspired for your next culinary adventure! Got some questions before committing? Ask us! We’ve tried (and re-tried) all our products and have tested all our recipes for our friends and families. Give us a call at (225) 930-9967 or reach out online. If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, stop by our shop on Jefferson Highway in Mid-City. We’d love to meet you and help you pick the truffle that’s right for you (or your special someone)!



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