We’re More Than A Spice Company

In French,baton rouge means “red stick.” The origin involves European explorers, native Americans, and ancient signage. But here at Red Stick Spice Company, we’re not historians. We’re cooks—cooks that believe everyone should be the proud chef of their own kitchen. We also think there is no better place to cook than south Louisiana. Baton Rouge is the seat of state government, but one could also argue it’s the center of that state’s flavor. The city blends the gusto of New Orleans, the piquant of Cajun country, and the auras of the bayous.     

We’re A Spice Company …

So, you can probably tell from our name that we’re kind of into spices. For millennia, spices have been a gastronomic life force. Much of the world was discovered on quests for valuable seasonings and flavors. Today, they still take us around the world. Consider a simple piece of chicken. Depending on the selection, your taste buds can travel anywhere. Dreaming of visiting provincialFrance or maybe theMexican countryside? From westernIndia todown the Bayou, spices take a simple meal to foreign places.

And We’re So Much More!

We see it often. Customers come in for the first time and pause wide-eyed at the entryway. They can be overwhelmed by the number of products we offer and not know where to begin. Spices may bring you through our doors, but our oils, teas, and vinegars are equally appealing. We blend all theteas ourselves, offering something for every taste and ailment. Our high-qualityoils andvinegars represent endless combinations of flavors and feelings. And if you do feel a little bewildered, enlist one of our staff to be your navigator. Every employee has tasted, cooked with, or even created the flavors we stock. We also proudly feature locally madeproducts to boost your kitchen arsenals.

Savor, Learn, Share

Looking for more culinary counseling? Enlist in some of theclasses we offer throughout the year. Each month, we feature a suite of in-store lessons. The skill sets vary, but the goal is always the same. We want to get you confidently sautéing, baking, and blending. On the wall of our classroom space, it says “Anyone can cook and most everyone should.” This quote by author Michael Pollan represents our philosophy perfectly. Once you get your kitchen legs, look into oursubscription boxes. Choose from a regular delivery of new spices, blends, or oils and vinegars. They are sure to keep you scrumptiously motivated all year long. (Hint: They make great gifts as well!)

What’s In A Name?
Our name may be “Red Stick Spice Company,” but that’s just because “Red Stick Spice, Oil, Tea, Vinegar, Cooking Classes and Local Products Company” wouldn’t fit on a sign. If you’re looking to start a feastable adventure, browse ourproducts. Search by ingredient or country of origin to see what piques your interest. You can also stop by ourshops in Baton Rouge—we’d love to see you in MidCity or downtown! Our passion is making cooking one of your passions.  

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