Vegetables to the Front of the Line, Please

Plant Based. Vegetable Forward. These buzzwords have gained tons of traction in the food world. While I'd like to say that I'm terribly trendy, the truth is that I am finding myself eating a largely vegetable-based diet because of the research I've been doing for cooking classes.

As I test more and more Mediterranean and Asian dishes, I have found that many cultures put plants first. These dishes not only include fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains and legumes. I am not a vegetarian or vegan. However, I am proportionately choosing more foods from plant sources. And I'm not alone, our Plant Based Meals cooking classes sold out quickly with tons of requests to get more dates on the schedule. 

Ready to get some veggies onto your plate? Grab our Farmstand Veggie Blend. It's a customer favorite for steamed, sauteed or roasted vegetables. They are what make these Eggplant Parm Burgers a weekly staple in our home. Absolutely delicious thanks to Farmstand Veggie Blend. And it's not just for veggies. Use it on chicken, fish and for traditional burgers.

Spud Spice with Cheddar is a fun blend that is a must for twice baked potatoes or add it to a pot of potato or cauliflower soup. I also love it on popcorn!

Keep my two pantry staple must-haves on hand for all your vegetable cooking: Roasted Granulated Onion and Roasted Granulated Garlic. Use these to bring in rich, sweet caramelized flavor. 

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