Time to Make the Doughnuts

Store Staffer Cameron is a fixture in our cooking classes. With his eye set on culinary school, he's racking up some serious experience hours teaching alongside Anne, Lili and other instructors in our cooking classroom. When you stop in, be sure to chat with Cameron--this talented teenager is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baking, cooking and tea. Read on for his latest blog post. Photo credit Cameron LeCompte.

Every good day begins with a cup of tea. Whether it’s black or green, iced or hot, tea always makes me happy! Whether it’s your mood or health needs, there’s a tea that fits. Craving crisp refreshment? Berry Blast is the answer. Need a hug? Try warm, spicy Cinnamon Toast.

When I think mornings, I think tea. And I also think of my grandfather’s house and the surprise of a box of doughnuts. My favorite are the donuts with the crusty sugar glaze, still warm from the fryer. Recently, as I was enjoying hot tea with my morning doughnut, I got to thinking: what if my two favorite morning items—tea and doughnuts—crossed paths. Time to heat up the fryer.

Berry Blast Doughnut-I used this colorful tea to give the pastry its shiny, bright red color. Hibiscus, cranberries and currants give this colorful tea a tart punch. I added fresh blueberries and lemon along with Berry Blast Tea to create a tart-sweet doughnut bursting with Springtime flavors. Here’s another tip: drink Berry Blast tea in place of those sugary sports drinks.

Cinnamon Toast Doughnut- When you visit the store in winter, you’ll find me sipping this warm, spiced tea! Cinnamon Toast Tea is one of my favorites because of cardamom, a citrusy-spicy Indian spice. I used this rich, black tea to infuse the pastry cream that I stuffed into the doughnut. A bit messy? Yes, but good food often requires a napkin or two! Then I used Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal milk to make the glaze and topped it off with crushed cereal for crunch!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Doughnut- My favorite part about Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tea is the layer of chocolate in the bottom of my mug!  I love this luscious tea alongside chocolate chip pancakes, and I use it to make dark chocolate ganache. I used the ganache in these doughnuts, and I also keep this ganache in the fridge to give waffles a flavor boost or make truffles for teachers’ gifts.

Three tea-infused doughnuts guaranteed to make for an excellent morning and even better tea time!

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