Resolve to Add Big Flavors

Resolutions. Resets. Detoxes. Clean eating. Spring cleaning. New beginnings. When it comes to New Year's resolutions, there's loads of talk about what you can't have. I'm here to tell you what you CAN have: flavor. Big flavor.

As I turn toward filing my plate with more lean proteins and vegetables, I've got one of our newest olive oils at the ready. Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil is spicy surprise that will give lean proteins and vegetables extra oomph! I use it to saute ground chicken for tacos in lettuce cups. I love it drizzled on a bowl of black bean soup.

One of my favorite lean proteins is shrimp. I love the flavor and texture, and I especially love supporting our Louisiana seafood industry. I keep bags of frozen local shrimp in my freezer-my second pantry. In under 15 minutes, I can whip up these delicious Lime & Habanero Shrimp Lettuce Tacos. Be sure to finish them off with a spritz of lime for a bright, clean eating finish. 


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