Go Green! Upcycle and Re-purpose Glass Jars

When it comes to glass, the most important "R" in the recycling world may be reUSE. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly, but despite its recyclability, many municipalities have stopped accepting glass in curbside bins. Sorting issues, weight and potential injury to workers are among the reasons that most glass ends up in landfills today. We love this great list of glass recycling facts. It left us feeling good about our glass recycling, upcycling and re-use efforts in the store!

Reusing glass bottles has been part of our store since the beginning. Customers regularly take advantage of our  oil and balsamic refill program by returning their oil and balsamic bottles to our Mid City location and receive a 20% discount. It's a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save some green!

We also love the canning jar trend. From cocktail glasses to food in a jar, we are doing our part to turn this trend into a mainstay! Jar up a beneficial breakfast with our Grab & Go Oatmeal Jars. And raise the bar at your next picnic with these Caprese Salad Jars. Check out our Schichimi Togarashi Noodle Jars for an amazingly-simple, packable lunch. 






















Need more jarred goodness? Look no further than our pepper jellies. Our line of spicy-sweet spreads are created exclusively for us by Grinning Jupiter Jammery. They will definitely leave a smile on your face!


How do you re-use jars? Tell us in the comments!

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