Product Highlight: Butcher Salt (And Salt In General)

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Get Salty—In A Good Way!

Everyone knows that salt is an essential part of cooking and typically the first spice you stock in your kitchen. It’s even a traditional housewarming gift so that “your life will always have flavor.” You might only think of salt as something you toss in your cart at the grocery. You might just grab whatever brand you grew up with—the one featuring a girl holding an umbrella. But salt can be so much more than that. Putting a little bit more effort into your salt selection can pay off huge benefits. Start with Red Stick Spice’s Butcher Salt.

The Importance Of Salt

Do you remember when you first noticed salt in a dessert recipe? You might have been a child, making a cake with a family member. Or maybe you were baking your first-ever batch of homemade cookies after getting your own apartment. It might have seemed counterintuitive. You always thought of sweet and salty as opposites. But really, you learned a big culinary lesson in the role of salt. Salt is essential in so many recipes because it enhances the taste of all food.

What Is Butcher Salt?

It turns out, not all salt is created equal. At Red Stick Spice, we carry more than 40 different salts. All are sea salts, unrefined and rich in minerals. They’re perfect—and arguably essential—for seasoning, preserving, baking, roasting, and grilling. One of the most popular is our Butcher Salt. It’s a high-quality, French sea salt with a little something extra: rosemary, thyme, sage and marjoram. We love it for whole roast chicken, but it’s all-purpose too. Keep it beside the stove (a little salt pig could help you out) and see how it intensifies your favorite recipes.

You’ll Always Have Flavor At Red Stick Spice

So maybe that housewarming tradition has some truth to it after all... Stop by Red Stick Spice to get your fill of flavor from our salts, spices, teas, oils, and more. We individually source each of our products for quality and taste. (And we’re pretty picky—so you can have confidence that everything on our shelves has passed our high standards.) We’ve got the grinders, pots, and accessories to go with them too.

Expand Your Palate With Red Stick

If you’re looking to expand your palate regularly, check out our subscription boxes. We’ll do the work for you and send along a curated selection to get you cooking. If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, keep an eye on our cooking classes. Any of them can give you some seasonings practice. (We’ve even hosted salt tastings in the past!) You might be surprised at what your taste buds will discover. We’re located on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, but you can shop online from wherever you are. You can even give us a call at 225-930-9967 if you have any questions. Let’s talk salt!    



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