I Heart Avocados

I've arrived at a particular station in life where my doctor and I have fewer polite conversations about what the kids are up to and more direct talks about my aging body, particularly my heart health. She doesn't hide her concern as she reviews my family history, and she's all business as she stresses the importance of weight loss, exercise and paying attention my diet.

Do any reading on heart healthy diets, and the term fatty acids will come up. There's a nice does of heart-healthy Oleic acid in avocados and Avocado Oil. All the varieties in our line of Avocado Oils are rich in this monounsaturated, Omega-9 fatty acid that is shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. As a bonus, healthy fats are shown to be protective against age-associated cognitive decline. Heart AND brain healthy. Sign me up!

I love all our Avocado Oils, and Key Lime Avocado Oil is at the top of my list. I love it on seafood and shellfish. It's a must for salmon! Pair it with our Lemon Lime Salmon Rub for a 15 minute roasted salmon that's out of this world! Don't forget to fill your plate with vegetables. It's easy to do with this absolutely stunning Chile Key Lime Roasted Asparagus. Heart healthy and delicious to boot!

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