Holiday Gift Guides

It's about this time of year when creative gift-giving ideas fly out the window and the "just get something...anything" mentality enters. Don't abandon your creativity quite yet. Consider Red Stick Spice your tour guide. Embark on an exploration of completely delicious, totally giftable and impeccably creative gifts. From the Netflix-watching, popcorn munching snack master in your life to the "this needs more heat, pass the hot sauce" heat maestro, we've got you covered.

Let's start the tour...

Needs More Spice 

Hot enough for you? This is as hot as it gets. Like, literally. First there was Ghost, then Scorpion and now the Louisiana Creeper--the hottest on earth. And they're all here. You've been warned.



    Snack Master

    What's poppin? This gift guide, that's what. Farmed in Mississippi, Crop to Pop popcorn is completely delicious on its own and exceptional with one of our popcorn blends. Snack on.


      Dip it Real Good

      Pay attention. If you blink, you'll miss it. Sprinkle one of our bread dipping blends. Drizzle in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add warm crusty bread. You just created a crowd-pleasing, somebody-is-probably-double-dipping appetizer that also doubles as a most excellent hostess gift. You'll be the life of the party. 


        Grill Much?

        Smoky. Sweet. A little heat. It's all here. Treat the grillmaster in your life to a collection of pit-ready blends, oils and sauces. Consider these your ticket to a summertime BBQ invitation. 


          To the Tea

          Pinkys up! It's tea time. This collection is perfect for the persnickety enthusiast or the casual teatime sipper. Sweeten the pot with local honey and our infused sugars. Spot of tea, anyone?


            Completely Baked

            Forget the Great British Baking Show, from extracts to our perfectly-blended baking spices, we take full credit for the explosion of baking during the holiday season. (And hey, if anyone wants to drop off a batch or two, we are cool with that.) 


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