Throw a Grad Party

Springtime seems to usher in celebration after celebration. I absolutely love a graduation party. Marking a school milestone is very important in our family. Whether it's kindergarten, high school, college or grad school, we celebrate them all in our family. Growing up, graduation celebrations were a few casseroles, a tray of sandwiches and a decorated cake from the local bakery.

As I've celebrated my children's graduations (and my own,) the parties have ranged from elaborate crawfish boils with a band to takeout sushi with a handful of close family members. No matter the menu, they were all special because of the people who were present. Gather your family, and celebrate those school milestones.

Here are a few of my favorite no-fuss recipes for making memories.

These Feed-a-Crowd Cuban Sandwiches make use of your slow cooker. Don't forget plenty of Old Soul Pickles for garnishing. 

Make the most of early summer vegetables with this Summer Squash & Corn Salad. Your spiral cutter will make quick work of transforming squash and zucchini into "zoodles." Perfect for soaking up the yummy vinaigrette.

Consider these Moroccan Crawfish Hand Pies for the buffet table. They're spiced just right with our Harissa Extra Virgin Olive Oil and perfectly sized for party goers. 

Sunday Supper Chocolate Cake is a celebration in itself. The whipped ganache is a make-ahead wonder. Make this. You'll be the life of the party!

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