Cooking Classes Are For Everyone

Whether you’re practically Julia Child or you don’t even know a whisk from a spatula, you’ll learn something—and enjoy yourself—at cooking classes. Grab a buddy, gather a gang, or fly solo. You could be on your way to becoming the home cook of your dreams.

The Recipe For Good Cooking Classes

First, decide what kind of class format you want. Think about your comfort level and learning style. Would you prefer to sit and watch a chef prepare and explain how their meal came together? It’s almost like catching a live taping of your favorite Food Network Show. Do you learn better with a hands-on approach? Then you’ll want a more traditionally structured cooking class. At these, everyone makes their own meal, while instructors guide you along.

Choose Your Flavor

Do you open your spice cabinet and not even know where to start? There’s a class for that! Intrigued about a different culture’s cuisine? Still haven’t mastered aroux? FollowingKeto or another plan? Just like there’s an App for everything,Red Stick Spice has classes for every interest. And even if nothing strikes your fancy, there’s still an option for you. Gather up a group and schedule your own private class. We can focus on any cuisine, theme, or diet. All you have to do is show up!

Who To Cook With?

  • Your Coworkers:Build up your teamwork and cooperation and get out of the office. Lunchtime classes are specifically structured for you to learn, eat, and get back to your day. Hint to your boss that your team could use an offsite meeting. Collaborate on a delicious meal instead of the latest office project.
  • Your Girlfriends:Gather up your friends for a midday break or girls night out. While the kids are in school, you can give a whole new meaning to “Ladies Who Lunch.” Learn how to approach your kitchen with new confidence. Make cooking your new creative outlet, not just another daily chore.  
  • Your Partner: Impress a first date or rekindle your romance with a date night at a cooking class. You’ve seen it work in romcoms and sitcoms—it can in real life too! The conversation will flow freely as you both can relax into the activity and have fun.
  • Your Family:Call up your siblings or plan some quality time with a parent. Pro Tip: Cooking classes can make great presents!  They’re perfect for the someone-who-has-everything, hard-to-please types. You’ll win favorite in-law this Christmas for sure.
  • Treat Yourself: Classes are interactive and a great way to meet people. So, if everyone’s busy, no worries! Indulge in some me-time and self-care while learning a new skill. You’ll feel like you’ve unlocked a new life achievement.

Cook Somethin’ Up in Baton Rouge

Red Stick Spice in Baton Rouge offers a variety ofcooking classes every month. At their location in Mid-City, you can be a shopper or a student. Book online or call us at (225) 930-9967. New classes are being added all the time. Follow us onInstagram andFacebook to stay up-to-date. We can wait to get cookin’ with y’all!

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