August Subscription Box Unboxing

Our August monthly subscription boxes were pretty sweet. Here's what our subscribers received on their doorstep this month. 

What's in our August Monthly Gourmet Oil Subscription 

Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Porcini Mushrooms meet Extra Virgin Olive Oil in this must-have ingredient for umami lovers.  We love this one for quiche and frittata. A must for your marinara. Use this oil to sauté mushrooms with a little tomato for a quick mushroom ragu. Toss vegetables with our Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with our Porcini Salt and wait for the compliments to roll in. 

And as a little lagniappe for our subscribers, we included our Smoked Porcini, Shallot & Mustard - Salt Free

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What's in our August Monthly Tea Subscription 

Rosy Cheeks 
Lovely white tea blend that's a completely unique taste sensation. We've blended in spices and botanicals with astringent and anti-fungal qualities shown to improve skin and help with breakouts.

Raspberry Patch 
This delicious fruit, flower and citrus blend is a customer favorite. A refreshing combination of Raspberries, Apples, Hibiscus and Orange makes for an outstanding cup of tea, hot or iced. 

And as a little lagniappe for our subscribers, we included our Sheet Pan Chicken spice blend. 

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What's in our August Monthly Spice Subscription 

Mojave Garlic Pepper Rub 
A delicious garlic and pepper blend with a Southwestern flair. We love this rub on steaks, ribs and blended into ground beef for hamburgers. Broil shrimp in a mixture of Garlic Mojave Pepper, melted butter and olive oil, then serve with french bread for dipping in the butter. An amazing dinner in less than 15 minutes!

For a combo of Southwest and Southern like no other, try this rub in our Pork Chops with Tangy Peach Salsa.

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt
A gourmet version of traditional garlic salt, the flavor of Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is much richer and stronger. We blend sea salt with fresh roasted garlic to make this savory blend, one of our favorites for Italian cooking! 

Sprinkle it on anything you want to add a touch of garlic to, from eggs to popcorn. Use it on your next batch of garlic bread for a side that will have your guests asking for seconds, thirds and fourths!

And as a little lagniappe for our subscribers, we included our Garlic & Herb Seasoning and Jay D's Louisiana Barbecue Sauce

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