The Goods for Grilling

Grilling season is upon us. And with the start of any new season, you'll want to outfit yourself with the newest accessories...

Himalayan Salt Slabs--NEW!

Salt Slabsare excellent for grilling. They conduct heat beautifully and add just the right amount of pure Himalayan saltiness to your steaks, fish or chicken.8X8 square slabsare the perfect size for two filet mignons or tuna steaks. The8X12 slabcan hold a three ribeyes or chicken breasts. Try our variation of Chicken Under a Brick using our salt slabs--YUM!

Pecan Oil&All Natural Avocado Oil

When working with the heat of the grill, you're going to need a high-heat oil. Reach for ourLouisiana Pecan OilorAll Natural Avocado Oil. The smoke point ofPecan Oilis 470 degrees making it a perfect choice for grilling or cooking in cast iron. Our new 750 ml Pecan Oil is an exceptional value. If you're really cranking up the heat, considerAvocado Oil. With the highest smoke point of all fats, you could deep fry inAvocado Oil. Not matter how you use it, you will love the buttery, mild flavor of Avocado Oil.

60 Spice Blends and Counting

With more than 60 custom blends in stock, there's something for every palate. TryBaton Rouge Burger Blendfor a full-flavored combination perfect for burgers and chicken. A customer swears byBerberefor chops on the grill.Apple Chipotlewill make your veggie skewers (and guests) smile.Lemon Lime Salmon Rubis delicious on grilled salmon.

Creole Cowboy BBQ Sauce

A little sweet and a little spicy, ourBBQ sauceis the perfect finishing touch. Combine it with melted butter for basting burgers, chicken and ribs. Add it to oven-baked brisket or just offer it on the table as a condiment. It's a great sauce to keep on hand for everyday indoor and outdoor cooking.

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