Mid City Holiday Gift Guide: A Cozy Christmas

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In honor of our soon-to-be move into the Mid City neighborhood of Baton Rouge and in honor of our love for all things local, we've put together the Mid City Gift Guide: a curated list combining some our favorite items, from our favorite local vendors, paired with our favorite Red Stick Spice Co. flavors.

Mid City Time Warp Baton Rouge Red Stick Spice Co

We headed out in search of unique gifts -- the kind you can only really find at local small businesses. Next on our list: Time Warp. Time Warp is a vintage clothing and accessory shop in Mid City offering items from the 1920s to the 1990s. Although they offer a huge selection of vintage items, they also house a large selection items like candles, incense, jewelry and unique gifts.

Mid City Time Warp Baton Rouge Red Stick Spice Co

Once in the shop, it's was hard not to get distracted by all of the beautiful clothing. Their vintage clothing selection is second to none in Baton Rouge, but I digress. We were there to find unique gifts and so the hunt began.

Mid City Time Warp Baton Rouge Red Stick Spice Co

As we perused the shop, Josh (the shop owner) pointed us to a table covered in all colors of hand-knitted fabulousness. The ideas began firing.

Mid City Time Warp Baton Rouge Red Stick Spice Co

We walked away with items sure to make this holiday season a cozy one.

Here's what's in our cozy Christmas Gift Guide:

Mid City Christmas Gift Guide Baton Rouge Time Warp Red Stick Spice Co

1. Hand-knitted gloves (Time Warp)

2. Candy cane tea (Red Stick Spice Co.)

3. Curve Teaware tall tea mug with infuser and lid (Red Stick Spice Co.)

4. Hand-knitted Mukluks (tall slipper boots -- Time Warp)

To shop your favorite items from our gift guide, head to Time Warp on 3001 Government St, or shop their vintage collection online. You can shop all of the Red Stick Spice products here on our website or come see us at our Jefferson or Downtown locations.

Happy Holidays!



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