Mid City Holiday Gift Guide: A Very French Christmas

In honor of our soon-to-be move into the Mid City neighborhood of Baton Rouge and in honor of our love for all things local, we've put together the Mid City Gift Guide: a curated list combining some our favorite items, from our favorite local vendors, paired with our favorite Red Stick Spice Co. flavors.

Mid City French Holiday Gift Guide

We headed out in search of unique gifts -- the kind you can only really find at local small businesses. Next on our list: Atomic Pop Shop. Atomic Pop Shop is a record store in Mid City, and Baton Rouge's largest independent all vinyl record store. They offer a "diverse collection of thousands upon thousands of records from all era’s for your ears, and carry all genres and know hip hop, to rock, to bop to Bach," explains their website.

Atomic Pop Shop Baton Rouge Mid City Holiday Gift Guide

 So, when we wanted to find unique music for our holiday festivities, we knew Atomic Pop Shop would be the perfect place to shop.

Atomic Pop Shop Baton Rouge Mid City Holiday Gift Guide

Once inside, we perused the collections, finding our way to the world music. Italian Christmas? French Christmas? After some deliberation, we decided a very French Christmas sounded like une belle idée (a beautiful idea). We walked away with three records that'd have any francophile (or music lover for that matter) saying oui oui!

Here's what's inside our Very French Christmas Gift Guide:

Mid City Atomic Pop Shop French Holiday Gift Guide Red Stick Spice

1. Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Red Stick Spice Co.)

2. Herbes de Provence (Red Stick Spice Co.)

3. French Records: Christmas in France, Mireille Mathieu, The Best of France (Atomic Pop Shop)

4. Rosemary Sea Salt (Red Stick Spice Co.)

5. Sel Gris Tamise (Red Stick Spice Co.)

To shop your favorite items from our gift guide, head to Atomic Pop Shop on 2963 Government St, or give them a call at 225-771-8455. You can shop all of the Red Stick Spice products here on our website or come see us at our Jefferson or Downtown locations.

Happy Holidays!

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